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Kostina Marina V.

Marina V. Kostina – Dr. Biol. Hab.; professor at the Department of Botany of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry, Moscow Pedagogical State University; Professor of the Department Architecture and Design of the Institute of City Development, Sevastopol State University, Russian Federation

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2028-2749

E-mail: mv.kostina@mpgu.su


Constructive organization of Betula pendula Roth.

Cultivated poplars (Populus, Salicaceae) of Khabarovsk

Cultivated poplars (Populus, Salicaceae) of Saratov and Engels (Saratov province)

Development of scientifically based approach to using box elder (Acer negundo L.) as an ornamental tree in Moscow

Hybridization between PopulusXsibirica G. Krylov et Grig. ex Skvortsov and Populus nigra L. in Novosibirsk

Natural and cultivated poplars of Irkutsk Province and Buryat Republic

Preliminary results of the molecular genetic investigation of the poplar hybridization naturally and in the urban beautification

Shrubs and semi-shrubs life forms of the temperate zone: Principles of organization of above-ground shoot systems

Some features of crone formation in common pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

The concept of species in poplars (genus Populus L., Salicaceae) based on the example of the subgenus Tacamahaca (Spach) Penjkovsky representatives growing in Russia and neighbouring countries

To the issue of ash-leaved maple (Acer negundo L.) efficient use in the Moscow municipal forestry