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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2963-2018-3-33-42

Cultivated poplars (Populus, Salicaceae) of Saratov and Engels (Saratov province)

The aim of the study was to find out taxonomic composition of poplars cultivated to the south of Moscow, which is poorly known compared to big northern cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg. Species, hybrids and cultivars were identified by morphology. In Saratov and Engels we found two local species of Populus (P. alba, P. nigra), 1 alien (P. simonii) and about 10 hybrids, mostly cultivars. P. nigra is represented by two well distinguished varieties. Hybrids, especially the complex ones (P. x petrovskoe) are predominant over “pure” species. The composition of ornamental poplars in these towns is approximately similar to Moscow, differences are due to a more southern location, smaller size of the towns , and their position inside the P. nigra and outside the P. longifolia areas.

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