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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2019-9-2-145-161

Non-traditional for Moscow region rosehips species: morphometric and gravimetric characteristics of cinarrodies

In connection with the state policy of import substitution and fortification of food products, in the Russian Federation, the search, study and introduction of new types of domestic non-traditional plant materials into the food industry are relevant. The purpose of the study is comparative analysis of the size and weight characteristics of cynarodies (fruits) of rosehips undergoing introduction tests in the arboretum of the N.V. Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences, to find out the possibilities and advantages of their industrial and domestic use. The objects of the study are mature infructescences of hips growing abundantly in the conditions of Moscow region: Rosa amblyotis C.A. Mey, Rosa maximowicziana Regel and Rosa oxyodon Boiss. The determination of the length, diameter, weight of cynarrodies, the content of absolutely dry substances in them, as well as the statistical processing of the research results were carried out according to standard methods. The reliability of interspecies differences of analyzed traits were established according to criteria of Student and Fisher. The superiority of the most variable fresh and air-dried cynarrodies of R. oxyodon in length, diameter and weight (2.02×1.18 cm and 1.08 g, respectively) was revealed, compared to the smallest and least changeable infructescences of R. maximowicziana (0,86×0.90 cm and 0.34g), as well as of R. amblyotis fruits which are intermediate in terms of these characteristics (1.06 x1.22 cm and 0.74 g). However, infructescences of R. amblyotis, containing an increased percentage of absolutely dry substance (94%), turned out to be no less promising than larger ones due to the significant water content of R. oxyodon cynarrodies (90%). For final determination of industrial significance of investigated rosehips infructescences, the size and weight study we have undertaken is not enough; further biochemical analysis is required.

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