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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2018-4-64-135

Towards the analysis of atypical forms of competition: “Noise” and “interference” as a means of struggle for existence

The article provides analysis of “noise” as a means of competition in the interactions of individuals or populations, based on the idea of communication (intraspecific) as the most specialized form of competition for a social resource. There are signs-intermediaries and information exchange; hence, the winner is not the one who is stronger or more successful in “hitting” the opponent or otherwise influencing them, but who adequately rearranges the behavioral model based on the signal information and better predicts how to confront the partner in the next step of the process.

When transferring the idea of communication as a competitive communication, mediated by information exchange, in the area of competitive interactions of the species itself, it turns out that there are the same mediators in the form of specialized feeding methods and / or territorial exploitation strategies, the deployment of which “takes information into account” from the habitat structure on the signal features of the latter, etc.That is, even ordinary operational competition may be to some extent information interaction. Naturally, the winner is the species, whose population better maintains the stability of relations in the presence of disturbances associated with “eating away” a part of resources by competitors from other species moving along the same “lace” of habitats. Often they consume a resource less efficiently than the above mentioned species, since less specialized, but create a “noise” disorienting it. Predictable consumption of a resource in the territories of a specialist species forms a signal field that facilitates each of its individuals to “build” the tactics of collecting food “for tomorrow”, and the unpredictable consumption of a close species-generalist “confuses”.

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