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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2022-12-3-334-349

Research of the hydrological and hydrochemical state of surface water in the South of Uzbekistan

The article presents a brief description of the basin of Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Zeravshan rivers, changes in the sources of nutrition and water content of the rivers under consideration in the context of global climate change. Practical recommendations on the reuse of collector-drainage water for irrigation are given. An assessment of the irrigation quality of collector waters was carried out: within the irrigated zone of the basins under consideration, 7.1–7.9 km3 of collector-drainage flow with a salinity of 1.5–3.5 g/l with a predominant chloride-sulphate-magnesium-sodium composition is formed per year. With the help of GIS technologies, maps of modern hydrological characteristics of collector-drainage waters were compiled. The volumes of collector-drainage waters that can be reused for irrigation were substantiated.

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