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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2021-11-3-327-344

Invasive plant species influence on the elements of green infrastructure of cities on the example of the Moscow agglomeration

The problem of biological invasions is one of the most significant, both in terms of environmental and economic consequences, as well as social ones. It is especially acute in the urbanized landscape. Using the example of four sites located in the same landscape province, but built up at different times within the boundaries of the Moscow agglomeration, the influence of model species of invasive plants on the elements of the green infrastructure of the city is considered. For each element, a point-based sustainability assessment was carried out according to four parameters: ecological, economic, aesthetic and impact on human health. On the basis of integral calculations, an assessment of the susceptibility to invasions of elements of green infrastructure to invasions of model species and the danger of these species was carried out. An increase in the overall resistance from the most anthropogenically transformed communities to more natural ones and from more simply arranged and floristically poor to richer and more complexly organized communities is shown, as well as a lower resistance of younger communities compared to older ones (as the age of the community or the age of the last major violation of the community increases). There is a great danger of perennial species compared to annuals and some tendency towards an increase in the danger of the species to the urban environment with an increase in its habitus.

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