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Herbivores Arthropods, Damaging Green Plantings in Grodno city (Belarus)

In 2016 field season in the different types of Grodno (Belarus) green areas 62 species of herbivores, belonging to two classes, four orders, 11 families and 38 genera on 26 species of trees and shrubs have been identified. The species composition is dominated by orders Hemiptera (18 species) and Lepidoptera (16 species), the family Aphididae and Eriophyidae (14 and 11 species), genera Phyllonorycter (6 species), five in Eriophyes and Stigmella, 3 species of the genera Pemphigus and Aceria. In the green areas of the city 10 invasive species have been identified, four of which produce massive numbers flash.

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