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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2021-11-4-488-507

Geomonitoring of the paleontologically significant areas of the Caucasus Mineral Waters and new discoveries of the dinosaur and pterosaur footprints in this region

The paper is devoted to the topical problems of geomonitoring of the localities of the Early Cretaceous pterosaur and dinosaur footprints, disposed in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region, mostly in close vicinity of the City of Kislovodsk. The locality of the pterosaur footprints “Olkhovka-3” is characterized, and a brief overview of other tetrapod track locations in the region is given. Some proposals for museum conservation of the Lower Cretaceous tetrapod footprints from the vicinity of the City of Kislovodsk are given as well. Causes and conditions of forming the tetrapod footprint localities in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region are discussed.

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