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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2023-13-1-25-40

Fossil flora of the Sosnovoe locality (Suksun District of the Perm region; Lower Permian, Kungurian)

The paper deals with the paleobotanical characteristics of the locality Sos-novoe, situated in the Suksun District of the Perm region, Russia. Stratigraphi-cally the locality Sosnovoe belongs to Koshelevka Formation of Irenian Horizon (Kungurian stage of Lower Permian). Taxonomic composition of the locality Sosnovoe includes equisetophytes Paracalamites spp. represented by stems, heterosporous lycopodiophytes most probably belonging to new genus and species, peltaspermalean pteridosperms Permocallipteris sp., ginkgophytes Psygmophyllum intermedium Naugolnykh, P. expansum (Brongniart) Schimper, Psygmophyllum sp., Bardia mauerii Zalessky, walchialean conifers Walchia bardaeana Zalessky emend. Naugolnykh, vojnovskyans represented by large lanceolate leaves Rufloria derzavinii (Neuburg) S.Meyen. Geological value of the Sosnovoe section, and its position in the local road infrastructure and landscapes allow effective use of this locality for scientific, educational, and recreation projects.

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