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Field workshop with the elements of scientific school “Hydrobiological studies of mires” (Borok, 7–10 September 2017)

In this paper, we provide a review of the field workshop with the elements of scientific school “Hydrobiological Studies of Mires”, which was organized at the Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Borok, Yaroslavl Region of Russia) in September 2017. This workshop is a first scientific event in Russia devoted to the hydrobiology of mires. The main aim of the workshop was to join forces of researchers who investigate the biological processes in different-type aquatic objects of mires (including bogs, fens, marshes, swamps etc.) and their ecological relationships. Forty-five specialists from 23 scientific and research-educational institutions and from 13 regions of Russia participated in the workshop. The programme of the workshop included plenary and section reports (23 presentations and 12 posters), a field excursion to a raised bog, and master classes, which enabled one to get idea of different field and laboratory methods for studying the biota of mires. Here, we briefly review the reports made by the participants of the workshop and the papers published in the proceedings of the workshop (a special volume of the Transactions of Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters RAS). The reports and papers analyzed a broad spectrum of problems in mire ecology and hydrobiology, with the main attention focused on the biodiversity, structure, dynamics and functioning of different-type aquatic and semiaquatic ecosystems of mires. The main components of mires and mire water objects have been considered. The workshop brought together the researchers with different specialization and experience studying the mires in different regions of Russia and the World, and provided an opportunity for them to share experiences.

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