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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2019-9-2-201-227

Features of the dynamics of the herbal plants life forms of the meadow communities of the Ugra National Park at the different conditions of anthropogenic impact on the basis of permanent monitoring

The article presents the analysis of the influence of anthropogenic conditions on the dynamics of life forms of meadow plants using the indices of the average number and stability of life forms based on data from long-term monitoring of Zalidov meadows of Kaluga region. It is shown that regular mowing leads to an increase in rod-root plants and an abundance of economically insignificant species. With regular moderate grazing, the number of long root-growing life forms increases, and the abundance of high-value plant species increases. It has been established that for rational use of Zalidov meadows, haying and pasture regimes should be alternated. The issues of the applicability of the indices used to identify general trends in the development of the meadow community depending on anthropogenic impact are discussed.

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