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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2019-9-4-395-413

Ecological assessment of Carex brizoides L. habitats on the Eastern border of the area

The purpose of this work was an ecological assessment of the habitats of Carex brizoides L. on the Eastern border of the area on the indicator scales of D. N. Tsyganov (1983) using the computer program EcoScaleWin. To determine the ecological conditions of growth of C. brizoides, three coenopopulations were analyzed: on the margin of a mixed forest, forest of black alder and in cutting. Analysis of the ecological amplitude of the species on the scales of D.N. Tsyganov showed that the species is a stenobiont to the complex of climatic factors, a hemistenobiot to the complex of soil factors and a euryvalent for the light-shading factor. The degree of use of the ecological potentials of the species in the studied C. brizoides  population is narrow in the following modes – scale of climate continentality, ombroclimatic scale of aridity and humidity, riches of the soil, nitrogen value of soils, soil acidity, Illumination-Shading (coefficient of ecological efficiency no more than 10%) and quite wide in – thermoclimatic end cryoclimatic scales, soil moisture (coefficient of ecological efficiency from 25.0% to 40.9%).

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