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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2020-10-4-447-458

Distribution of organic substances in the snow cover of Barnaul

The paper assesses the degree of influence of urbanized territory, on the example of Barnaul (Western Siberia), on the pollution of the air with petroleum products and volatile phenols. At the end of winter 2018/2019 snow surveys and fluorimetric analysis of meltwater of the snow cover of Barnaul and the suburban territory were carried out. Geostatistic models of the distribution of pollutants in the environment were constructed using the method of Empirical Bayesian Kriging. The average concentrations of the studied organic compounds in the atmosphere of Barnaul are 5–7 times higher than the background values. The highest concentrations of pollutants, 30–60 times higher than the background, are localized in the air of densely populated and industrial areas of the city. This raises serious concerns about the health of the population living in these areas. Depending on the prevailing wind direction, the flows of the studied organic compounds move to the northeast outside the urban agglomeration, where they can be sources of pollution of the Ob River and adjacent territories.

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