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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2962-2018-3-22-32

Cultivated poplars (Populus, Salicaceae) of Cherepovets (Vologda province)

The aim of the study was to reveal the species composition of both cultivated poplars and naturally occurring in small towns of Northern Russia. So far poplar species composition has been studied in big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg only. We identified species, hybrids and cultivars using their morphological characters. In the town of Cherepovets of Vologda Province we found the following species cultivated as ornamentals in 2018: one local Populus species (P. tremula), two species introduced from foreign regions (P. laurifoliaP. longifolia), and twelve interspecific hybrids, both spontaneous and cultigenous, one of which we failed to identify. Hybrids, especially complex ones (P. × sibirica and others) are dominating over “pure” species. The composition of poplar taxa in this town is similar to that of Moscow, with some differences due to the northern position of the town (lower number of pyramidal cultivars, lack of  P. nigra) and its relatively small area (species from remote regions, P. deltoides, P. simonii, rarely if ever planted there).

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