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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2018-4-40-48

Computer methods of analysis of phenetic characters and their application in taxonomy of annual astragali

One of the methods of modern taxonomy is computerized data systematization and analysis. The development and application of original computer-aided analysis of the taxonomic significance of the phenetic characters of 33 species of annual milkvetches found on the territory of the former USSR allowed solving a number of taxonomic problems and moving closer to understanding the phylogeny of some groups, and developing approaches to formalizing the phenetic characters. In the course of the research, some assistive technologies were also tried, designed to reduce the subjectivity of taxonomic research and improve the adequacy of the data obtained. The result was a multi-input diagnostic key, as well as an illustrated database – an atlas for the considered taxonomic group, in which all species were described by 72 rows of characters combined into 9 groups: plant biomorphology, shoot, stem, leaf, leaflet, inflorescence, flower, fruit and seeds. The database reproduces images of a large number of samples from considered taxonomic group, including the type samples stored in the herbarium collections of the Komarov Botanical Institute (LE). The studies are monographic in nature – a summary of annual milkvetches in the territory of the former USSR is created, clarifying information about their distribution, ecology and morphology.

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