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Communities of arthropods – phytophages in green plantations of Grodno Neman River area urbocenoses (Belarus)

The territory of Grodno Neman River area is one of the main corridors for alien species penetration and potentially possible invasions into native communities. In this connection, it seems important to study the species composition and distribution of phytophagous arthropods in urban areas in this territory.

During May-October 2016–2017 entomo-phytopathological surveys of Grodno Neman River area urban greenery were carried out. During the study of phytophages, representatives of two arthropods classes were identified: arachnids are represented by mites from the order Acariformes, insects – by five orders: Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Rhynchota.

125 phytophages species from 68 genera and 18 families were identified. In the course of this work, 96 species in the investigated area were identified for the first time. In the green plantations of the of Grodno Neman River area urbocenoses phytophages that damage woody plants are the most diverse, phytophagous-miners predominate. Five woody plants species are most infected by phytophages: oak, linden, birch warty, poplar and maple.

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