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Klimov Andrey V.

Klimov Andrey V. – PhD in Biology; deputy director for scientific work, InEca-Consulting LLC, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region; Researcher at the Interdepartmental Laboratory for Plantation Forestry,  West Siberian Branch of the Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS – Branch of the Federal Research Center “Krasnoyarsk Science Center”, Novosibirsk

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6750-4807

E-mail: populus0709@mail.ru


Systematic position of Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle on the study of shoot morphology and petiolar anatomy

Variability of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Populus × sibirica G.V. Krylov & G.V. Grig. ex A.K. Skvortsov