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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2021-11-4-470-487

Assessment of light and noise pollution within Marino Municipal District area (Moscow)

Modern big cities are characterized by a high level of physical pollution, in particular, noise and light, which usually act together and constantly. Noise and light pollution of the environment have a negative impact on the life of living organisms, including humans, disrupting biological rhythms, the work of individual organs and their systems. The article reflects the main stages and results of the study conducted on the site “Staroe Maryino” of Moscow municipal district “Maryino”. A range of background noise levels has been distinguished for weekdays and weekends.The sources of noise pollution in the study area, where motor transport is the dominant source, are identified. The positive and negative role of high-rise residential development, as well as the importance of architectural and planning solutions and landscaping in the propagation of sound waves in urbanized areas are noted. Low illumination in the evening time of the day was revealed on the site “Staroe Maryino”, especially in its western part. It was found that most of the lighting devices inside residential blocks have low lighting power and uneven spatial distribution density. On the basis of the obtained data, maps of noise and light pollution of the studied territory were developed.

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