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DOI: 10.31862/2500-2961-2021-11-1-54-74

Analysis of participation of life forms of vascular plants in Zalidovo meadows communities of Kaluga region at different modes of their use on the basis of long-term monitoring data

Analysis of the life forms of vascular plants that are constantly present in the communities of Zalidovo meadows of Kaluga region under different modes of their economic use on the basis of long-term monitoring data is presented. The analysis of indices of the number of life forms and their stability revealed an increase in the rooted plants and an abundance of economically low-value species with regular haymaking use of the meadow. With regular moderate grazing, the participation of plants of different life forms and the abundance of a number of highly valuable species increase. When changing the mode of use from pasture to hay, the participation of stem-root-growing plants increases. The applicability of the indices for describing trends in the dynamics of life forms of a meadow community has been confirmed.

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