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30 years of the Vietnam-Russian Tropical Center. Brief review of research in the field of Vietnam land ecosystems biodiversity

Due to the 30-s anniversary of creation of the Vietnam-Russian Tropical research and technological center, the article presents information on his history and development. Main results achieved in the field of studying of biodiversity of land ecosystems of Vietnam during the three decades of effective cooperation of the Russian and Vietnamese scientists are briefly presented.

Knowledge of the biological diversity of Vietnam has significantly increased, numerous species and genera new to science have been described, monographs on the taxonomy and ecology of mammals, lizards, passeriform birds of the Bulbul family and bats have been published.Among the invertebrates, the most large-scale studies have been carried out on butterflies.Seasonal and long-term dynamics of communities of different groups of animals, such as lizards, have been established in stationary research areas.The author has conducted a comprehensive study of the fauna and vegetation of tropical forests in various parts of the country and shows irreparable damage to the nature of Vietnam as a result of the chemical war of the United States.Living organisms that damage materials and machinery, firstly termites have been studied. The author points out successful development of the concept of plague genesis as well as the participation of zoologists of Tropical center in the development of methods for controlling pests of agricultural crops, rice in particular.

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